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Inviato 03 novembre 2007 - 18:26

This story was nearly 10 years in the making and has nothing to do with soccer and everything to do with money, power, and politics. I'm involved in various activities revolving around Calciopoli and have become somewhat of an expert in the topic. I'm fluent in Italian and as a result have been able to go through archives of newspaper articles, interviews, and books (written by lawyers). The most evidence you will get however is in reading the declarations and sentences left by the judges that presided over the trials and appeals. Most Juventus and Anti-Juventus fans (outside of Italy) have no idea that no shred of evidence existed linking Moggi and company to a single fixed game. Most people are unaware of the judge's declaration that "no game was fixed and referee selections were legitimate" Cesare Ruperto CAF judge. So why the punishments? Equally puzzling, why did Milan get a slap on the wrist after Meani threatened a linesman over the phone "when Milan is on the field keep your flag down unless the ball is on the opposite side of the field otherwise we'll chop your head off" Leonardo Meani. Why was an Inter investor and former Inter employee allowed to control the trial? This man Guido Rossi not only omitted evidence that would have cleared Juventus but discarded evidence that would have condemned his former employers (Inter). Do people know that there was phone tap evidence of Udinese and Milan organizing a tie? Do people know that there was phone tap evidence of Galliani and Collina meeting personally after hours at Meani's restaurant? Do people know the same man that sponsors Italian soccer through his ownership of TIM Mobile managed to intercept the phone calls that would eventually be used against Juventus? Do they know that he gave them to his partner (Moratti) illegally through a police officer who sanctioned the intercepts and then ordered that they be altered or destroyed in cases where Inter were incriminated? Eventually a security employee at Telecom Italia confessed to the shady wire taps and the police officer killed himself on July 21st 2006 (his name was Adamo Bove). Does anyone know that the wire taps were never listened to in court despite Juventus defense requesting it? When Juventus requested to use video evidence it was denied too. People are in the dark on this case because it is convenient to many to believe that their team was losing because someone else was cheating...others are unwillingly in the dark because evidence is hard to find and hard to understand (unless you are fluent in Italian). As a result I have been strongly considering writing a book in English regarding the case (now known in Italy as Farsopoli). I am questioning the level of public interest however. It would take months to put together and I'd hate to do it for nothing. For now though feel free to ask me whatever you want and I'll do what I can to shed light on the situation. I'm more than happy to answer your questions. For now I'd suggest reading this article which helps understand why the media painted such an ugly picture of Juventus. Let me know what you think. If you get anything out of this article it should be the web of power Juve were up against. Here are some names in powerful positions just to give you an idea:

- FIGC President (at the time): Franco Carraro (ex-Milan President and co owner of Lazio/Roma through his control of Capitalia Credit Bank)
- La Lega Calcio President: Adriano Galliani (Milan Vie President)
- Italian Referees Association (AIA) President: Tulio Lanese good friend and political affiliate of Silvio Berlusconi and known Milanista (known on wire taps as Tulio “miLanese”)
- FIGC Referee Designers: Bergamo and Pairetto underlings of Carraro, Lanese, and Galliani as evidenced by the wire taps…now Collina after secretly meeting with Galliani assumed that role
- Prime Minister (at the time): Silvio Berlusconi who controls several TV stations, magazines, and newspapers, as well as controlling one of Italy’s biggest political parties (Forza Italia). Through his TV station ownership Berlusconi controls all Soccer TV rights (therefore ad revenue) for all teams competing in Serie A and B (this would later be used as blackmail to keep Milan in the Champions League).
- Italian Soccer Sponsor: Tronchetti Provera (massive Inter shareholder and personal friend of Moratti) owns Telecom Italia and its sister company TIM Mobile and which not only provided Inter owner Moratti with phone intercepts but also sponsors all soccer competition in Italy (Serie A TIM, Coppa Italia TIM, Supercoppa Italiana TIM)…also owns Pirelli Tires (Inter primary sponsor) and also owns LA7 (major Italian TV Station)
- Federcalcio (FIGC Investigations) President: Borelli, a political associate of Berlusconi and discovered having meetings behind closed doors with Galliani throughout the trial
- Federcalcio Commissioner: Guido Rossi, major Inter shareholder and former Inter director also sat on Telecom Italia’s board of directors
- President of la Gazzetta dello Sport: Carlo Bore also acting as Vice President of Inter
- Editor and Chief of la Gazzetta dello Sport: Verdelli and Cannavo’ both Inter shareholders
- Vice President of Federcalcio: Massimo Moratti Inter Owner
- Current Commissioner of the Federcalcio Investigating Inter for Accounting Fraud: Stefanini acting lawyer for La Spezia soccer team (40% of which is owned by Moratti)

So...still sound like a "Moggi controlled system"?

Finally (and believe me there is still WAY more to the story) I want to inform you of what our team was actually accused of. The accusation of match fixing revolved around three games. This is key to the case and all but proves how ridiculous it was.

Game 1: Lecce-Parma – yes you read right. The game has nothing at all to do with Juventus but this game allowed Fiorentina to survive Serie A in 2005. The ccusation is that the Moggi controlled referee De Santis fixed the match at the request of Moggi after Della Valle (Fiorentina owner) asked Moggi for help. Moggi actually can’t stand De Santis and De Santis can’t stand Juventus. It was De Santis (admitted Interista) that disallowed a legitimate Juventus goal in the Italian Supercup costing Juve the trophy and handing it to Inter wrongfully. All intercepted phone calls regarding this game showed Della Valle contacting Bergamo (referee designer) and Carraro (FIGC president) and Mazzei (FIGC Vice President) directly with no mention of Luciano Moggi.

Game 2: Juventus-Udinese – the actual “fixed” game was Udinese-Bologna the week before. The idea was for the Moggi controlled referee to give yellow cards to Udinese players that were already carrying yellow cards so that they couldn’t play against Juventus. The players handed yellow cards that day were Pinzi and Di Michele. In actual fact neither was carrying yellows and both were on the field against Juventus the following match day.

Game 3: Juventus-Sampdoria – here the accusation was that the Moggi controlled referee allowed an offside goal to stand granting Juventus a 1-0 win over Sampdoria. The game actually ended 0-1 for Sampdoria with Aimo Diana scoring an offside goal. The result can be found on still today.

To close it should be noted that both Cesare Ruperto (CAF judge) and Piero Sandulli (Federal Court judge) declared that no system of pre-planned yellow cards existed and that no game was fixed by referees. It was also expressed that referee designations occurred throughout the season regularly. In other words the season was legit. The phone calls showed unsportsmanlike conduct by all parties but this is an Article 1 offense punishable by a 1 to 3 point deduction and a possible fine.

Finally the CAF sentence declared that “though no Article 6 offense can be found in the investigation, the overall conduct of Moggi and Giraudo (the latter heard on 3-5 phone calls mostly about nothing) created an unsportsmanlike environment favorable to Juventus in the standings AS EVIDENED BY THEIR 1ST PLACE FINISH IN THE SEASON IN QUESTION”. This is like saying that driving is proof of being a car thief. In the end the sentence tried to lead us to believe that Juventus obtained an unfair advantage in the standings without conditioning referees or fixing a single game…mysterious no?

Feel free to ask me anymore questions. By the way...there isn't a single recorded conversation between Moggi and a referee or linesmen with one exception; Paparesta called Moggi to apologize after a mistake of his cost Juventus a game against Reggina. Moggi said one line "I have nothing to say to you" and hung up.

I enjoy shedding light on these matters so feel free to share my points with others and ask me whatever you like.



I've been keeping in touch with a few hardcore fans desperate for info. I'm happy to provide whatever I can. I'm passionate about this topic and am lucky enough to be fluent in both languages (I use both on a daily basis) so I have more of an opportunity to find and understand these facts.

I have in my possession actual legal files like the Juventus TAR appeal that was pulled from the courts hours before they were to stand trial. I have wire tap transcripts in their entirety including some that were never used in court (conveniently). I have dossiers mounted against teams like Inter and Milan. I have studies regarding calciopoli and post-calciopoli. I also have books published this last year (some written by lawyers) for the purpose of shedding light on the situation. I also have links to archived articles in various Italian newspapers where critical interviews were conducted and then forgotten. Even youtube has become a source of important info as many interviews were conducted on camera. Perhaps the most important info I got my hands on are the actual sentences made against Juventus and the successive declarations made by the judges responsible for the sentencing. It is here that the biggest contradictions exist and manage to basically demolish any credibility the case may have had initially. I have names, dates, and page numbers.

There is a problem. All this info is in Italian. If you by chance understand it...I'd be more than willing to share it. If you do not, I suggest simply asking me questions. This is what I've done with others and I'm happy to do it for whoever wants it. I do not know everything and don't pretend to. When I don't know something I will not try to pass on opinion as fact. If I write opinions I say they are opinions so as to not misinform (like the Italian press).

A fan has requested statistical proof for a video he intends to make so I extracted a few things I have uncovered. Another contact in from youtube requested some info so I am adding it to the email as well.

As far as stats are concerned, I’ll see what I can do to help. I have an article that I personally wrote in the hopes that would publish it. They refused twice. I’ll send it that at the end of the email as well. The info was extracted from the following link should you choose to double check: http://www.sportnews...ate_1398365.php. The article describes a study conducted after Calciopoli and proves that things were cleaner before and that the accusers have become the accused. I’m questioning why wouldn’t post the article.

Another study was conducted and posted on regarding the statistical evidence that supported (or contested) the accusations regarding referee treatment during the 2004-2005 season. This first list shows how the teams benefitted from having players who had already previously been booked, receive another yellow:

Atalanta 22
Brescia 19
Reggina 18
Inter 17
Juventus 17
Lecce 17
Livorno 17
Messina 16
Cagliari 15
Sampdoria 15
Lazio 14
Parma 14
Siena 14
Udinese 14
Chievo 13
Milan 12
Bologna 10
Palermo 9
Fiorentina 8
Roma 8

Wow…looks like Atalanta (relegated) should be under investigation. Funny how Inter was just as “favored” as Juventus here huh?

This second list shows how the teams benefitted from having players suspended during their match due to having received second yellow cards in the previous match. For instance imagine Milan playing Livorno without Lucarelli because Lucarelli got a second yellow card against say Brescia. This would count as +1 for Milan on this list:

Atalanta 30
Reggina 27
Juventus 25
Brescia 24
Lecce 23
Sampdoria 22
Lazio 22
Siena 22
Inter 21
Parma 21
Bologna 20
Livorno 19
Cagliari 19
Udinese 19
Milan 19
Messina 18
Chievo 18
Palermo 16
Fiorentina 12
Roma 11

Amazingly Atalanta is still the most favored. What’s funnier is that the team accused of “fixing” this season is actually in 3rd on the list a mere point ahead of Brescia (another relegated team) and only 4 bookings ahead of the “honest” Inter. Consider 38 matchdays at 90 minutes a piece…I think it is safe to say that there is little or no statistical significance to that difference (I’ve had to study plenty of statistics).

The third list shows overall bookings given to players the previous week. In other words, regardless of whether or not they had prior cards, if Inter plays Juventus on Sunday and Emerson had a yellow the previous Sunday against say Palermo…Inter would be at +1 (the idea is that Emerson may feel he needs to hold back to avoid a second successive booking and then suspension).

Atalanta 97
Lazio 90
Lecce 88
Cagliari 86
Chievo 86
Reggina 85
Juventus 85
Inter 83
Messina 83
Brescia 80
Udinese 80
Bologna 79
Palermo 79
Sampdoria 76
Livorno 75
Milan 75
Parma 74
Roma 74
Fiorentina 69
Siena 65

Juventus here is tied in 6th with Inter in 8th by a mere two bookings. Atalanta is still the most favored.

Looking at the 4th list shows that there was little rhyme or rhythm to the bookings. This list shows how many times a team benefitted from a player receiving a red card in the previous matchday.

Reggina 12
Bologna 9
Sampdoria 9
Siena 9
Atalanta 8
Juventus 8
Palermo 8
Parma 8
Chievo 7
Milan 7
Lazio 6
Udinese 6
Cagliari 4
Brescia 4
Livorno 4
Roma 4
Lecce 3
Inter 3
Fiorentina 3
Messina 2

Finally Atalanta isn’t in 1st anymore…but neither is Juventus. In fact they are quite close to the same Milan that was allowed to stay in the Champions League.

In the 5th list, a measurement of how many yellow cards were given to a team’s adversaries during the match was carried out. Maybe this will prove Moggi was a thief.

Roma 108
Fiorentina 97
Lazio 90
Palermo 89
Sampdoria 88
Cagliari 88
Juventus 84
Milan 84
Lecce 84
Reggina 82
Udinese 80
Siena 77
Chievo 77
Messina 75
Parma 74
Bologna 73
Brescia 73
Livorno 73
Inter 73
Atalanta 67

Looks like Juve and Milan are tied…for 7th.

List #6 is my favorite. This list shows a count of how many times a team’s adversary received a red card during the game. In other words, if Juvetus was playing Reggina and Zebina got a red card it would count as 1 for Reggina.

Cagliari 11
Roma 9
Brescia 9
Bologna 8
Livorno 7
Fiorentina 7
Lazio 7
Lecce 7
Reggina 7
Palermo 6
Sampdoria 6
Milan 6
Chievo 6
Udinese 5
Siena 5
Messina 5
Parma 5
Inter 5
Atalanta 3
Juventus 2

It appears as though Juventus wound up with a man advantage all of twice throughout a 38 game season…wow. Even Inter had that advantage 5 times.

Lastly I wanted to mention a study done by two Universities regarding the 2004-2005 season. The Universita’ di Messina and Queen Mary University in London, England conducted a statistical analysis searching for a correlation between the referees under investigation and the teams under investigation. The researchers were Professor Pietro Navarra (Messina), Dario Maimone (Messina), Ansaldo Patti (Messina) Walter Distaso (London), and Leo Leonida (London). The results were posted in an edition of La Stampa on the 3rd of September 2006.

The study showed that of the four teams under investigation, only Lazio showed a statistical advantage when playing a game governed by one of the referees under investigation. Milan and Fiorentina showed no correlation at all. In other words the two teams had no greater or smaller chance of winning when these referees were officiating. Interestingly Juventus was the only team to actually show a statistical disadvantage when their game was officiated by the referees under investigation. In other words Juventus had more of a chance of losing points in games governed by the very referees they were accused of controlling!

Answeres to questions received by readers Regarding Inter, Milan, Appeals, and Reggina

FYI an article 1 violation is unsportsmanlike conduct (points penalties and fines) while article 6 violations are sporting fraud (relegation).


Milan’s involvement in the scandal is more defensive than offensive. You have to understand Milan’s pull in various aspects. Berlusconi is the owner of the team and also head of one of Italy’s biggest and most powerful political parties (Forza Italia). He also owns Mediaset, and a variety of other media channels via TV, satellite, and press. In addition Milan’s former president (Franco Carraro) at the time of the scandal was sitting in the presidency of the FIGC. Milan’s Vice President happened to be the President of “La Lega” (League of Directors). Milan also had their best buddy (still to this day) working as president of AIA (Italian Referee Association). The man’s name is Tulio Lanese but is known in his inner circle as “mi-Lanese”. I’ll come back to this in the end. I won’t even bother to get into their Mob ties…it just gets too long. Just know that I have names and criminal records of various mobsters that have sat as directors in both Milan and Forza Italia. Berlusconi has himself faced (and evaded) charges.

Milan was the only team to employ a “Referee Public Relations Minister” by
the name of Leonardo Meani. His entire job revolved around keeping a good rapport with the referees in the league. We have wire taps where he yells at Copelli (linesmen) instructing him that “when Milan is on the field you keep your flags down unless you are on the other side of the field” he went on to say “altrimenti vi spacchiamo la testa” (otherwise we’ll crack your head open). Coincidentally it was Copelli working the game where Juventus were denied a clear as day penalty against (sorry) Reggina. There were many other examples of clear article 6 violations punishable by automatic serie b sentencing (one of which I’ll send you) where Meani organizes a secret meeting in his restaurant (on a day the restaurant was closed) between Collina (the other voice on the recording) and Galliani. This clearly violates all rules and is far worse than the recordings regarding Moggi (where you’ll never hear him speaking to referees or linesmen nor requesting any specifically). There are plenty of tapes where Meani demands certain referees and then reports his success to Galliani.

Milan were caught red handed with more violations than any other accused team. Considering this was their second scandal regarding match fixing (Calcioscomesse 1980) the Serie B punishment would no longer apply. Serie C2 would have been nearly impossible to avoid. So the Miln machine began pulling strings. First their media portals began reporting excessively blaming Moggi and Juve for everything possible and would consistently bombard newscasts with accusations, declarations of innocence, and believe it or not demands for the two scudetti they lost to Juventus. Meanwhile Berlusconi, Galliani and Mediaset (venue by which TV rights are sold in a quasi legal fashion to teams permitting or denying ad revenue to those teams) began their threats. If Galliani and Milan were prosecuted for article 6 violations no TV rights would be sold in Italy and no UEFA coverage would be possible in Italy. You’d be surprised how much pull the Milan media machine has in Europe. Just look at what they’ve gotten away with in Europe. Against Juventus in the final of 2003 Dida (with a phony passport) came off his line for every penalty (Nedved forbidden to play), against Inter in the quarters Schevchenko landed a stiff headbutt on Materazzi (big shock) that no one saw, then Inter scored but it didn’t count…no one knows why. Just this year Milan not only were permitted to play but were even permitted to win after Inzaghi scored a goal with his arm. Who knows, maybe had Milan not threatened to renegotiate all their contracts for television rights just days prior to the CAF sentences things would have been different. Maybe if Milan hadn’t frozen their payments and transactions between Mediaset and the leagues just 4 days prior to the sentencing this would have been even more different ( 10th July 2006).

What all this means is that Milan’s involvement was by far the most abundant and most illegal but their activity after the scandal was more an act of self preservation than a “let’s kill Juve” attempt. Indirectly however they painted a convincingly brutal portrait of Juventus and Moggi which helped condition the judges and public opinion throughout the case. During the proceedings Galliani met publically (though behind closed doors) with Borelli (head of the Federcalcio Sports Tribunal). Days later the argument was made that Meani acted independently of Milan and Galliani (though wie taps tell a different story) and as a result the charge was altered from article 6 violations to article 1 violations. Result…Milan stayed in Serie A and the CL while Juve plummeted to Serie B.

I said earlier that I’d get back to the Meani-Galliani-Collina meeting. Here’s the icing on the cake. The same Collina on the wire tap,the same Collina that awarded a fictitious penalty to Milan in the 2003 Supercup against Juventus, the same Collina that cost Juventus the 2000 scudetto on the last day, the same Collina that was sponsored by OPEL when Milan too wassponsored by them, the same Collina that Milan requested against Juventus in season’s past on public forums like TV and newspapers, has just been named Referee Designer for Serie A and B.


Where do I start? I’ll keep this as brief and to the point as I can. Yes Facchetti was caught on tape calling the same designers Moggi contacted. Bergamo (referee designer) himself on televised interviews admitted that no one called him more (or dined at his home more) than the late Inter president Facchetti (). This type of conduct is no better and no worse than Moggi’s contact with Bergamo. At most this is an article 1 violation because of the nature of the calls. This however, is only the beginning. Soon Calciopoli the very secretive Spiopoli or Intercettopli began. This is where we all found out who where the famous wire taps came from. What was discovered was that two police officers (with criminal charges pending including evidence and wire tap tampering) were in charge of handling all intercepted calls once recorded in order to pass them onto the prosecution. The police officers names are Giovanni Arcangioli and Attilio Auricchio and their scandalous past is well documented in an article of “La Repubblica” on the 25th of February 2006. These officers were being handed these intercepts by another officer, an investigator by the name of Adamo Bove. Adamo was heading the intercept project and had set up shop at Telecom (chief Inter sponsor Tronchetti Provera’s company). Who was the work commissioned for? One of Telecom’s board of directors…Massimo Moratti.

Bove’s secretary, Caterina Plateo eventually confessed that after a meeting to which all previously mentioned names and Luca Cordero Montezemolo (Ferrari President and FIAT board member) that strange instructions were passed on to all working on the project. The instructions were to manipulate or eliminate various intercepts and to flag certain phones so that they would be warned the moment they were intercepted just in case they would ever be placed under surveillance either by accident, by others, or by means of who they were communicating with (i.e. if Facchetti called Galliani and Galliani’s phone was tapped Facchetti would receive a message instantly). These confessions and those of Fabio Ghioni (former head of Telecom Security and Bove Partner) were publicized on the 31st of August 2006. On the 10th of July the two were interrogated in court…on July 21st 2006 Adamo Bove committed suicide. When Moratti was asked if he commissioned the surveillance he responded “Yes I did…no wait…maybe…I’m not sure” (Mandiamo la Juve in B: Calciopoli o Fasopoli Antonello Oggiano). The interviewer was Claudio Sabelli Fioretti and the publication was in the Corriere della Sera on the 31st of August 2006. These charges have been compounded by the fact that the intercepts were then sold illegally to the Gazzetta dello Sport by way of the newspaper’s President Carlo Buora (Inter Vice President).

Moratti is on trial for this as well as the fraudulent accounting charges but one of the prosecutors selected by the Federcalcio (of which Moratti is the Vice President???????) is Marco Stefanini. Acting lawyer of Spezia Calcio soccer team that Moratti owns 40% of…so much like Recoba’s fake passport and Kallon’s steroid use, nothing will happen because he is being prosecuted by a partner.

Furthermore Bove’s family have launched an investigation into the death of their son. Foul play has not been ruled out but nothing proving anything but suicide has surfaced yet (I’m following that one closely).

These are not Serie B punisgable offences. They are federal infringements on constitutional rights and public accounting. Delegates could and should be jailed but they won’t. the team could be appropriated by the state too, but it won’t. Welcome to Italy.

Referring back to Montezemolo, he is part of the FIAT management that had been butting heads publically with former Juventus management. His connection to Telecom is rather sketchy. To make things worse, after Juventus retracted their appeal at the Regional Administrative Court (TAR) the FIGC publically thanked Luca Cordero Montezemolo. Sound funny? That appeal not only would have cleared Juventus according to Antonio Baldassarre (ex President of the Constitutional Court in an article published on the 4th of October 2006 in Tuttosport) but it would have wrecked the system that governs soccer in Italy.


I can’t find shit on this. I know they were accused of article 1 offenses and were caught on tape but can’t find the taps or the games they called about. Frankly I think they just pissed someone off at the Lega or the FIGC or both. It’s all about who votes for who come election time and if they went against the powerhouses this type of treatment wouldn’t shock me. Arezzo and Messina were dragged through the mud after the fact too and it is hard to see why. Then look at what happened. Reggina became the most punished team in Serie A by referee errors in 2006-2007. Messina was relegated to Serie B, and Arezzo was relegated to Serie C1. My guess…they swim against the tide and were put in their place.


Every team prepared appeals but to my knowledge only Arezzo are still fighting. We on the other hand at Giu Le Mani Dalla Juve ( have financed and prepared many legal maneuvers including appeals going beyond the Italian judicial system. I personally am limited but the team in Italy has been taking the necessary steps to clear Juventus’ name.


Simply put, the new management at the level of Secco, Blanc, and Cobolli Gigli were unprepared, uninformed, and needed to make some sales to avoid overextending themselves. Ibra and Viera refused to play for Juventus in Serie B and therefore Juventus sold them to the highest and quickest bidder. Inter (almost as though they new in advance) were making offers prior to the verdicts for both. At that point I doubt that Juventus managers knew the extent of Inter’s responsibilities…the FIAT managers likely did, but they have a different agenda altogether. There is an interview on youtube where Secco explains their motives for the sales on youtube () .
Lastly I attached the pictures of what the new jerseys will look like. It hasn’t been officially announced yet but it shouldn’t be long now.


After a year of failing to provide proof of match fixing, the Neapolitan prosecutors introduced a new argument. Allegedly Moggi provide referees with Swiss SIM cards to communicate without being spied. Since the prosecutors couldn't listen it was assumed all illegal activity could be found on those calls. Moggi and the referees responded by saying that they never made or received calls from each other. This portion of the trial is still going on.

The Neapolitan magistrates responded to Moggi and the referee’s denials by producing tables showing dates, times, and numbers called throughout the season of 2004-2005. Moggi responded saying that the numbers may have been real but the calls and tables were falsified. They all continued to deny ever having called each other. Obviously no one believed them.

As a result Moggi went on national television and claimed that through various computer programs, these tables can be falsified. He was ridiculed by the panel and the public. A week later he was invited back on the show and in an attempt to discredit him they invited a telephone company technician as well.

The technician shows how easy it is through a computer to falsify a phone call. Watch as the technician has one person on the panel shut his phone off. Then he used a computer to call another panel member with the number of the phone that is off. The number of the dead pone appeared on the recipient’s phone screen. Moggi has a certain smile on his face…the crowd remained silent.

The technician actually goes on to say that through a program called “Cambia Voce” (Voice Change), that a phone call can be made from person A to person B with the voice of person C. In other words many of the phone calls presented in court may have been of other people all together. All that is needed is a recording of Moggi’s voice. The recording then duplicates tone, volume, pitch, etc. and another person can make a call with his voice. This from the mouth of a telephone technician, he claimed he would be willing to testify.


I just thought I’d post an example of the differences between the actual phone calls intercepted and the excerpts found on the various pro Inter sports papers. This article came from “Il Corriere dello Sport” which is run by a prick named Bartolozzi who also serves as Inter’s team manger (the same position Pessotto has with Juventus). The article can be found here http://www.corriere....ettazioni.shtml

The call is between Dondarini (referee) and Pairetto (referee designer) after a game between Juventus and Sampdoria. Amazingly this game wasn’t originally being questioned at all. The accusation was originally the 1-0 Juventus-Sampdoria game but was eventually altered. See the accusation was that Moggi had convinced the referee to allow an offside Juventus goal paving the way to a 1-0 win for Juve. The game actually ended 1-0 for Sampdoria after Aimo Diana scored an offside goal. The prosecutor quickly changed the game in question.

In this game Juvenus win 3-0 and the game ends in violence. A penalty is awarded to Juventus and one is later denied for Sampdoria.

Here’s the Corriere’s take on the call:

Dondarini: See that battle?

Pairetto: Fuck

D: The guys from Sampdoria were out of their minds. I swear if it wasn’t for the Juve players helping me I don’t know how it would have ended. Then I had to give that penalty Gigi (Pairetto)

P: Sure I believe it from your position.

D: Sure, but I tell you, I tried…to you know, to make the game end in that way

This gives the reader the impression that Dondarini was forced to give a penalty and intended on steering a game in a specific direction.
Here’s what Bartolozzi’s Corrire dello sport edited:

Dondarini: See that battle?

Pairetto: Fuck

D: The guys from Sampdoria were out of their minds, had it not been for the Juve players helping out who knows how bad it would have gotten. Then with Emerson, he didn’t dive at all, he tried to get through and the defender practically grabbed him and fell bringing him down too while hugging him, and Emerson falls backwards. Emerson looked at me as if to say “hey, this is a penalty” and I had no problem blowing the whistle and pointed to the spot.

P: Sure I believe it from your position.

D: It’s just that no one there understood at the moment, especially the public so the tension became complaints (by Sampdoria players). Thankfully there was a camera right behind the net that proved the penalty was right. What is this? You can’t give a penalty to a big club now?

Later regarding the Sampdoria penalty:

Dondarini: I blew the whistle…Ambrosini (linesmen)…

Pairetto: He indicated a penalty?

D: He did, he said it was a penalty so I pointed to the spot but then he came to me and said “Donda, I’m sorry I fucked up. Don’t give the penalty because we’ll look like idiots” so I figured it’s 3-0 anyway (for Juventus) and I said “Marcello, by now let’s just give the penalty (to Sampdoria)” and he says “no look, absolutely don’t give it because we’re going to give the impression that we’re fuck ups” because it was a corner. He seemed so convinced that I overturned the penalty. I was trying to you know limit the damages of making the game end in that way.

P: Ya sure.

D: I know the episode was ugly but in the end it’s better that we didn’t give the penalty I think.

This was the point that the Sampdoria players went into a massive frenzy and the game finished with pushing and shoving.

Amazingly though, even the Turin magistrates that looked at this case long before Calciopoli stated that from the (entire) phone call it was apparent that Dondarini gave Juventus their penalty in a professional and proper manner and overturned Sampdoria’s penalty in much the same way. Actually, he was willing to give a penalty against Juventus knowing it wasn’t the correct decision just to keep the peace on the field. The magistrates actually stated that if anything, Dondarini favored Sampdoria. I quote the
Turin magistrate Marcello Maddalena:

“Dondarini may have helped Sampdoria by:
- Not booking the Sampdoria players after their unsportsmanlike conduct and the end of the match
- Showing a willingness to give them a penalty knowing that it was not in accordance with the rules of the league”

Then Calciopoli happened and the newspapers mysteriously got a hold of the transcripts. In this one I’d say 90% is omitted and the words that were left painted a very specific picture.


These are excerpts from the sentences which sent Juventus to Serie B.

First of all I want to explain the difference between an article 1 violation (points deduction) and an article 6 violation (relegation). Article one is unsportsmanlike conduct (badmouthing a ref) while article 6 is illicit activity (match fixing). Since no article 6 violations were found against Juve the CAF and FIGC did what has never been done before. The created (and later annulled) a structured article violation adding together various article 1 violations to compose and article 6 violation. This is like saying that 3 grand theft autos = a murder 1. This was widely criticized by other judges and lawyers.

I am quoting the sentences from the Commissione d’Appello Federale (CAF) and Corte Federale (CF). The key points are:

- Pg 74-75 CAF claims that there was no “cupola” or “Moggi System” contrary to the Gazzetta

- Pg 76 claims no article 6 violations against Juventus and therefore introduces the structured article violation (much disputed by many legal entities) The reason this is so scandalous is because it attempts to convince the reader that a team (Juventus) was capable of obtaining a favorable position in the standings without fixing the results of a single game. My question is how? The only way to acquire points in the standings is by winning or drawing matches. If Juve didn’t fix any matches then the standings were legit right?

- Pg 83 CAF states that referee selections were done in accordance with the rules of the FIGC therefore all the phone calls made by Moggi to designer Bergamo were legal and altered no referee selections.

- Pg 101 CAF I’m sure you heard of Moggi’s yellow card system to ensure key players were suspended for upcoming matches against Juve. On this page the sentence declares that the yellow cards were not organized.

- Pg 65 CF claims that Moggi and Giraudo operated independently of Juventus and its owners. In other words the team should have been off the hook regarding relegation and only the two directors should have been on trial (that’s the little loophole that kept Milan in the CL)
- Pg 61 CF states that Juventus was not responsible for the salvation of Fiorentina after the De Santis influenced game between Lecce and Parma that finished in a tie allowing the Viola to survive Serie A

- Pg 66 CF states that though Moggi didn’t exercise his ability to condition games, he still possessed the ability. So since you have a car and a bottle of wine you could be tried for having the ability to drink and drive?

- Pg 74 CF admits that no proof of match fixing (article 6) exists.

- Pg 77 CF finally states the proof used against Juventus “Juventus’ advantage was evidenced by their position in the standings at the end of the season”. That’s right…they were guilty because they finished first. So you driving is proof of being a car thief too. Are you laughing yet?

CF Judge Piero Sandulli had an interview in “Il Giornale” on the 27th of July 2006 where he was asked what the reasoning was behind the sentence he approved. His response was “there was no illicit activity; the 2004-2005 season was not fixed. The only doubt we had was Lecce-Parma (didn’t concern Juventus or Moggi) which we looked at again and again (with no video…whatever). In any case the season was legitimate.” I’ll just add that Sandulli has a criminal record for fraudulent activity while at Rome’s City Hall and is a die hard Lazio fan.

CF Judge Mario Serio stated in an interview in “La Repubblica” on the 27th of July 2006 that “in spite of a lack of evidence regarding match fixing, Juventus were sentenced to Serie B and stripped of their titles after taking into consideration the collective interests of the parties involved in the investigation.” All of which happened to be Interista and not just from a fan point of view. See the facebook group to see who the key players in the investigation were and how they were tied to Inter.

Note that no wire taps were heard in court. That’s right. Only pieces of transcripts were used, transcripts that have been manipulated by those that provided them to the court (see facebook group because I don’t feel like re-writing the names and confessions).

Note that no video evidence was allowed to be used by the defense (see facebook videos)

Note no witnesses were allowed to be brought forth

Note that the defense had little more than 3 days to compile their arguments and that they were not presented with the evidence prior to the trial as opposed to what the law dictates…instead the press got a hold of the prosecution’s information first. Is it any wonder? Inter VP Carlo Buare owns la Gazzetta dello Sport and it is run by two major Inter Investors (Verdelli and Cannavo’) while il Corriere dello Sport is run by Bartolozzi (Inter Team Manager). There is more on this in the facebook writings.

This is a fraction of what is out there. This is why I lose my mind when I hear that Juve are “cheaters” or that Moggi is a “criminal”.

I’ll be happy to answer whatever questions I can and provide whatever else I can through email including the actual sentences if they interest anyone.

I’ll eventually be adding the TAR appeal which Juventus mysteriously retracted hours prior to going to court. The appeal was considered to be profound enough to clear Juve’s name and crush the system that governs Italian soccer. After the appeal was retracted the FIGC publically thanked Luce di Montezemolo (FIAT Director and Ferrari President). Month’s later the same Tronchetti owned Telecom Italia (that spied on Juventus) sponsored Ferrari SpA in Formula 1.

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A member named Omair Taibah asked a good question so I decided to answer in this thread. He asked about Montezemolo's lack of support in the trial (and by default the rest of FIAT's reluctance to defend their team). Here is the response:

I try and avoid talking about this stuff because it bothers me a lot.
There are two sides to the Agnelli family. There is Andrea Agnelli (who loved the triade) and the Elkan side (that loves Montezemolo). The Elkan side wanted to assume total control of FIAT operations (including sport) and for this reason there was an internal struggle at Juventus for the last 5 years or so. I remember reading about it when I lived there so it was a while back. We all knew the Agnelli’s were no longer supporting Juventus financially because they didn’t hide it at all.

To assume control the Elkan side needed to get rid of Moggi and Giraudo because they had control of the team’s business affairs. Not only that, but the Triade was loved by the fans and had a secure position within Juventus’ shareholders. Not to mention that if they fired the Triade they would just wind up working for Inter or Milan…I’m sure you remember both teams trying to recruit them, (Galliani admitted it and Moggi went on TV with the written contract signed by Moratti and later Moggi obviously refused). They needed Moggi and Giraudo out of soccer all together. That meant they needed them suspended.

Proof 1)
In the weeks prior to the scandal, the Milan Stock Exchange registered 4 times the average transactions of Juventus’ shares. After the Italian Revenue Agency (Guardia di Finanza) concluded their investigations they noted that Special Shares were sold to hand picked (new) shareholders. These new shareholders increased the number of voters on Juventus’ shareholders panel and as a result reduced the voting power of the two biggest (individual) shareholders which were Antonio Giraudo and Luciano Moggi. This ensured that if the two refused to step down, the shareholders on the Elkan side (now outnumbering the Andrea Agnelli side) could easily vote out Moggi and Giraudo. The two didn’t even put up a fight and decided to resign rather than be humiliated further after being voted out.

Proof 2)
FIAT and its holding company IFIL did not defend Giraudo and Moggi who had to find their own lawyers. To “defend” Juventus they used FIAT lawyer Zaccone who did pretty much nothing. He was quoted numerous times stating that things “could have gone worse (Serie C) given the evidence” (speech at the Juventus Shareholders Assembly on October 26th 2006). Now that we have the evidence and questioned him on what could have sent Juventus to Serie C, he has opted to remain silent. Zaccone only woke up and defended Juventus after the other squads had their sentence reduced and were all in Serie A (one even in he CL) except Juventus. At that point Juventus decided to appeal to the Civil Court of Lazio (TAR Appeal which I can provide for anyone interested). It seemed almost as if they (Elkan group) had been betrayed by the court. Maybe Serie B with 30 points (and then 17) was not what they had agreed to. The TAR appeal was created with a fury and deposited in court. On the 31st of August Zaccone retreated and withdrew the Appeal. Weeks later Juventus’ sentence was reduced to Serie B with -9 points. No further action was ever taken. In an interview in Tuttisport on the 4th of October former Constitutional Court President Antonio Baldassarre claimed “had Juventus proceeded with their appeal in civil court, they would have likely won and as a result crushed the system that currently controls soccer in our country.” So why did they withdraw hours before standing trial?

Proof 3)
Zaccone and Cobolli Gigli stated that the pressure of the public blame that would result due to the Italian tournaments being suspended by FIFA & UEFA (including Euro qualifiers) as a result of their appeal forced certain upper management figures to change their minds at Juventus and FIAT. Who though? Who put pressure on Zaccone and Gigli (who had finally woken up) to withdraw? Sports Minister Melandri may have answered that question for us after publically thanking Luca Cordero di Montezemolo (Elkan’s right arm) after Juventus’ withdrawal from the Civil Courts. Montezemolo is a FIAT Director and more importantly the President of Ferrari SpA. During the Calciopoli trial a woman by the name of Caterina Platea (who worked with the wire transcripts under Investigator Adamo Bove) confessed not only to manipulating and destroying wire transcripts for Bove (who committed suicide two weeks after the confession) also made another shocking revelation. Montezemolo was frequently at Telecom Italia where she was intercepting calls. She admitted to seeing him coming out of the offices of Tronchetti Provera and Massimo Moratti. Why would they be meeting? We got the motive recently when Telecom Italia sponsored Ferrari SpA for millions of Euros, the same Telecom Italia that spied on Juventus and is owned by Tronchetti (also owner of Inter’s biggest sponsor Pirelli tires and the FIGC/Lega’s biggest sponsor TIM).

Fact: All Juventus personnel are now part of the Elkan side of the Agnelli family (note Tardelli and Bettega of the Triade side were let go or didn’t have their contracts renewed).
- Secco (IFIL Director)
- Cobolli Gigli (former FIAT Manager)
- Blanc (IFIL Director)

A popular theory amongst Juventini is that FIAT intend on offloading Juventus and cashing in on the sale of the team now that they own more than 60% of the team’s shares and control the team entirely. It is expected that if Juventus qualify for the Champion’s League that the team will be put to market. One of the bigger signs was the Elkan family’s 104.5 million Euro investment into the team which should have gone to player signings and salaries. It was instead used to pay off debts that resulted from their relegation (75 million) and finance the stadium that Juventus own (Delle Alpi for 20 million). Very little (less than 10 million) was used to purchase players. Most player signings this year were actually paid for with the sales of prior and current players. The decision is logical. After all, it’s easier to sell a team with fewer quality players and good books than a team with stars on the bench and debts in the bank with a busted stadium to fix. If sold FIAT could finally focus on and invest greatly in the team that has always been their priority…Ferrari. One team was sacrificed (and is still being sacrificed) for the other.

We may not have all the answers yet…but what we do know points in the direction of an inside job, a betrayal, and a compromise between the Telecom Teamsters (Moratti-Tronchetti-Rossi) and the FIAT bosses (Elkan-Montezemolo).


The Paparesta deal is easy and stupid. Paparesta made terrible calls against Juventus in favour of Reggina (ignored penalty and two annulled goals). After the game Moggi went into the locker to room with Giraudo and yelled at Paparesta. It should be noted that according to league rules, directors are allowed to go into the referee locker room before and after a game but not during. In this case no harm done since it was after the game.

Moggi yelled at Paparesta and the linesmen (Coppelli who was found on the phone taking instructions from Milan's Meani on how to keep the flag down for Milan and up for others) and Di Mauro in an embarrassing fashion.
Moggi later made a crucial error. In a phone call afterwards he claimed that he locked the referees in the locker room, boarded a plane and left. Eye witness accounts including Paparesta's testimony to the court (which I have and can send to anyone interested) do not state that he or anyone else was ever trapped in a locker room. In addition, stadium surveillance recordings show Paparesta leaving at the normal hour.

Unfortunately Moggi’s attempt at sounding tougher than he was backfired as the Gazetta got the recording and publicized it. The declaration from Chief Investigator Borelli and testimony of Paparesta himself (I have both if anyone is interested) didn’t make the headlines. Moggi’s charges for “Unlawful Detainment” of Paparesta, Di Mauro, and Coppelli were all dropped. No one wrote about it though.

The day after the game Paparesta called Moggi to explain himself. Moggi insulted him and said “non ho voglia di parlarti” (I have no desire to speak with you) and hung up. I have the call and sent it to many.

By the way, Paparesta is an admitted Milanista.


As far is Collina is concerned, you have to be open minded and I’ll give an honest summary.

That season I was living in Italy and I’m not sure how well you know the country but I am Italian. I have lived there, I studied there, was married there and still have family there. You might not like what I have to say but you have to take it intelligently and understand that I always try to be as objective as possible. I have been the first to comment against Juventus on occasions where they benefitted from a referee error but I will warn you. For every occasion that Juventus gets away with a referee screw up I can and will bring up an occasion where Milan gets away with the same thing. How do I know these things? I’ve been following Serie A religiously for years and have been researching for a long time. I actually plan on writing a book about Calciopoli. The non Italian speaking public is really clueless about the case. It’s not your fault, but very little was ever translated regarding the case.

As far as that game (Milan-Juventus) is concerned I want you to understand that a penalty isn’t a penalty just because you think it should be. With hand balls there is always the question of intent. Was it ball to hand or hand to ball? Shirt pulling? Come one, every defender does it in every game and few penalties are ever called. The truth about that game is that it was simply too important. It was a decisive game between two title contenders towards the end of the season. I am certain that Collina was instructed to just let them play. This is why Collina called almost nothing the whole game. If you watched the game again I’m sure you saw Inzaghi take a swing at Thuram. Did Collina call the automatic red card? No, he just let them play. The truth is that no one wants such an important game being decided by a debatable penalty or card.

That season Milan were awarded the most penalties and faced the least. They were given 6 minutes of injury time against Lecce when 3 would have been more than enough (they scored in the last minute). They played Livorno to a tie thanks to an onside Livorno goal that was called back wrongfully. The problem is that when Del Piero scores an offside goal against Udinese (notice I can admit it) the papers and TV shows talk about it for weeks. When Cafu slide tackles Cufre cleats up and Cufre has to leave the field with a bloody leg no one hears or reads about it and then it’s forgotten. I’ll get to the reason later.

The previous year Milan won the Scudetto and the deciding game was against second place Roma. There was a penalty for Roma (handball) that the referee (Messina) didn’t give. No one knows, because no one spoke of it afterwards. I seriously have a million examples. I will only give you one more regarding Milan and Collina for now.

In August of 2003 Juventus and Milan were in the USA doing a tour. As a result they decided to play the Super Cup in Giants Stadium New York (actually New Jersey). I went with 7 friends from Canada. We the Juve fans sat behind the net and saw Collina award a penalty to Milan in the dying seconds of extra time. It was a Shevchenko dive that was placed on the big screen right away. It was clear that no contact was made. Milan (Pirlo) scored. Obviously after the celebration we were well into injury time but twenty seconds later Juventus (Trezeguet) tied the game at one and Juventus eventually won in a penalty shoot out. Did anyone talk about Collina’s penalty? No, actually he was accused of favoring Juventus because he allowed injury time in extra time (I’ve seen that done in every tournament since then). Apparently people didn’t know that it was mandatory since there was a penalty shot. He gave a minute of injury time and Juve scored within 20 seconds. There is a trend there that I want you to understand. He in no way favored Juventus but by accusing him of it, people seemed to forget all about that stupid penalty he gave Milan.

This is the point…Milan control almost everything. This is hard to digest for most Milan fans but the majority of soccer in Italy is in Milan’s hands. When teams like Juventus win Scudetti it’s against the odds. Milan is owned by a company called Fininvest which is owned by Silvio Berlusconi (leader of Italy’s biggest political party called Forza Italia and was Prime Minister of Italy during from Mid 90’s to 2006). Fininvest is a communications company which owns 7 of 9 or 10 Italian television stations through another company called Mediaset, it also owns all satellite television in Italy. It has the exclusive rights to televising games in Serie A and B (and UEFA games in Italy). Televised games are the single biggest means of income for any soccer team in Italy because it brings ad revenue. This is actually more lucrative than team jersey sponsorship or ticket sales and Milan decides who gets what. The President of Mediaset is Adriano Galliani (Vice President of Milan) and during Calciopoli was also the League President. This means every team in Italy has to kiss Milan’s ass or else…no ad revenue. When Calciopoli should have sent Milan to Serie B (they had the worst evidence against them and I’ve got it), Mediaset threatened to not televise Serie A and furthermore they threatened to renegotiate television terms for all soccer in Italy (UEFA included) a day prior to the sentencing. People think they stayed in the Champions League because they did the least but it was pure blackmail. Italy couldn’t survive financially for a year if no Serie A would be televised and UEFA didn’t want to lose one of its biggest markets for a whole year.
Since Milan essentially control television in Italy, nearly all soccer related programs revolve around Milan and trash their rivals. Inter responded with a station called LA7 which is owned by Tronchetti (Inter’s biggest sponsor through his ownership of Pirelli) but no station exists defending Juventus. When an episode like Del Piero’s offside goal against Udinese occurs, it would get talked about for weeks on these stations using replays, freeze frame, expert analysis, etc. creating an opinion of Juventus that they were cheating but when Inzaghi would score a goal with his arm to win the Champions League no one said a word…they just showed the celebrations over an over and over again. This is the power of suggestion that Milan has used on the public for almost 25 years. In the end, whatever country you come from will receive its soccer feed through this Milan based station and all teams have to negotiate their price with Milan in order to get their games on the air. Anywhere else this would be a conflict of interest.

Before you mentioned Collina and referred to him as Italy’s best referee. Can I ask you why he was so good? Who ranked him and based on what? Did he make no mistakes? Didn’t his errors cost teams games and points? You yourself complained about him and so did I. A big Collina blunder cost Juventus the Scudetto in 2000 on the last day of the season against Peruggia (Lazio won the league on the last day). Against Inter in the 2002-2003 season, Collina allowed Inter to tie a game against Juventus when a pile up of players covered Buffon (). Collina’s history is sprinkled with errors and controversy but the 6 o’clock news and all of the panels of experts in Italy never discuss it. Truth is; it was the same TV stations that Milan own that tagged Collina as Italy’s best. Week in and week out they would call him the best. He was finally officially ranked #1 by AIA President (AIA is the Italian Referee Association Associazione Italiana Arbitrale) Tulio Lanese. Tulio is so close to Galliani and Berlusconi that he is referred to by them as Tulio “mi-Lanese” according to Galliani. He was accepted as Italy’s #1 referee by the FIGC thanks to President Franco Carraro (Ex-Milan President and close friend of Galliani). Why all this pro-Collina sentiment? Simple, first of all he is an Anti-Juventino. There is even a website called (I hate Collina) made by Juventus fans because of how much he has cost the team, but more importantly Collina was sponsored by the same company that sponsors A.C. Milan…OPEL.

This sponsorship is actually illegal in Italy because it represents a conflict of interest. His case was under investigation but when Silvio Berlusconi became Prime Minister of Italy he changed a law that automatically closed and archived cases that were 10 years old. He modified it to 5 years and as a result the case against Milan and Collina wound up closed and never resolved. Some other Milan cases were closed too as a result of the new law like the fixing of their 1988 scudetto through the Neapolitan Mafia called the Camorra and various fraudulent accounting charges as well. He has since modified the rule down to 2 years.

I could go on for pages and pages but I want to stick to Collina-Milan. Afterwards I will list some topics we can discuss later and if you wish to proceed I’ll be happy not only to summarize these things but to send you the actual references used to find these facts (newspaper articles that can be found in online archives, legal documents, wire taps, judge declarations, studies etc.)

Before getting to the level of connection between Collina and Milan I’ll have to introduce you to a new character. His name is Leaonardo Meani and he was Galliani’s right hand man. Meani’s job while at Milan was Director of Referee Relations. Milan was the only team in Italy to employ a person to maintain good referee relations (isn’t it illegal for teams to interact with referees?). Meani was intercepted numerous times speaking with referees and linesmen and I can send you the transcripts another time (I tried downloading the actual calls but I keep getting error messages). For now I just want to introduce the person, his job, and his phone call with Collina.

The call:

It was phone call intercept #5610 of the Neapolitan prosecutors that saw Milan director Meani conversing with Italy’s #1 referee Pierluigi Collina. The two were initially badmouthing Juventus and were then heard discussing the urgency of a meeting between Collina, Meani, and Milan Vice President (and League President) Adriano Galliani. The two were overheard discussing the impossibility of meeting in Siena where Milan had just played (and Collina had just refereed) because the town is too small and their meeting could not be noticed by the public. Meani asks Collina when he will next be in Milan and Collina mentions that he will be there shortly for personal reasons. Meani suggests meeting in his restaurant on a day that the restaurant is closed and they even discuss what they will eat. Galliani’s name is mentioned and Meani informs Collina of how urgently Galliani needs to speak to him. Collina also says that he intended on speaking with him over a few things…including his future. Meani assures Collina that no one will see them in the restaurant and that they are taking no risks in meeting at the restaurant. Meani even brags about the referees he requested and obtained for an upcoming match in the phone intercept #5630 and Collina congratulates him for his influence over Mazzei (Linesmen Designer for Serie A and B).

These calls were eventually investigated throughout Calciopoli and Meani was suspended for 3 and a half years…Collina was instead made Head Referee Designer for Serie A and B. Meani also has a far more damaging conversation intercepted with Linesmen Coppelli where he actually tells him what to do during their next game and threatens him should he not comply. I’ll get into that on another occasion. Another beauty was the Meani promise of Berlusconi paying for another referee’s hair plugs in Switzerland if he helped Milan. Again we’ll get into that one on another day if you like.
This activity is in clear violation of the Article 6 rule. Let me sidetrack for a moment and explain the difference between Article 1 and Article 6. An Article 1 violation is basically unsportsmanlike activity. This could be badmouthing, obscene gestures, rumor spreading etc. The offense is punishable by point deductions. An Article 6 violation is actually interfering with the regular process of a game and therefore altering the standings. This is considered illicit or illegal sporting activity like bribing or influencing referees through threats or gifts. This is punishable by automatic relegation to a lesser league (Serie B). This is the offense Juventus was punished for despite being found not guilty. On another day I’ll translate and send you the original sentence from the Federal Court of Appeal (CAF) that finds them not guilty and then proceeds to send them to Serie B anyway.

Why was Milan not sent to B? Meani was considered an independent. He was acting on his own accord and Milan knew nothing of it…this was the excuse. Records show he was an employee and numerous wire taps show him speaking with Adriano Galliani while Meani was in a car with coach Carlo Ancellotti. Thanks to this obvious excuse the court could sentence Leonardo Meani and not sentence Milan to Serie B for Article 6 violations (even though Milan benefitted from his activities). In the end Milan was punished with a point deduction (that kept them within Champions League contention) for Article 1 violations.

This argument is ridiculous because it is obvious that Galliani knew all about Meani’s activities. On the 19 of April 2005 a phone call was recorded between Meani and Galliani that I have taken the time to translate. All I can do to reassure you is promise that I will not alter words or connotations. My Italian is as pure as my English and I swear to give the conversation as it is and not exaggerate the case at all. I’m taking you seriously and hope you do the same.

Milan had just lost a game and Galliani was upset about the officiating. They were set to play again in an upcoming match where Linesmen Claudio Puglisi was requested by Milan to be the referee assistant.

Galliani: Good day, did you speak to one of the two designers?
Meani: My God did I ever. Ancellotti was in the car too. We cursed the shit out of them.
G: to who?
M: Bergamo and Mazzei (Referee designer and Linesmen designer)
G: oh
M: Because Pairetto (other referee designer and Galliani friend) is in Germany.
G: oh…so what did they have to say?
M: They were shitting themselves. Usual responses, who would have thought he would have made such an error. That’s not even the point though, the point is if the team is Milan and there is the slightest doubt you keep your flag down and I told them that! You don’t just raise your flag! These people aren’t ready psychologically. Now look, they are sending us Puglisi for the next game.
G: oh ya?
M: He’ll be the Linesmen when we play Chievo. I told them that from now on they are not allowed to screw up with us, unless they are on the opposite side of the field…you know what I mean?
G: uh huh
M: We have to stay on them now, now is the dangerous time (he likely meant the end of the season given the date of he call).
G: Good good, I know, good.

Does it sound like Galliani knew nothing? If you change the names to Moggi and Giraudo these phone calls would be scandalous…but Milan got away with it. Maybe because they were never played on the air like other wire taps or maybe because they were never printed in newspapers. In fact, until the case was closed we knew nothing of them. Once the case was closed and all documents were made public we found these calls and others and only now people are starting to understand the extent of Milan’s activities.
End result, Galliani stepped down as League President but is still the Milan Vice President and Meani was suspended for 3.5 years (though it was somewhat reduced later). Milan stayed in Serie A and in the Champions League. Juventus on the other hand who had no wire taps requesting referees (and obtaining them), who had no conversations recorded with referees or linesmen, had no private meetings with referees or linesmen, paid for no referees hair plugs, and never instructed designers or referees on how to officiate their games, lost two titles and wound up a dismantled team in Serie B with point deductions and home stadium suspensions for 2 games. It seems needless to add that they would be out of Europe for at least 2 years.

Chief Investigator from the FIGC Francesco Saverio Borrelli met with Galliani behind closed doors during the investigation. Neither denied the meeting (probably because reporters were waiting for Galliani outside of Borrelli’s office). Since when does an investigator meet with a defendant behind closed doors? Mysteriously Milan’s charges were dropped from Article 6 violations to Article 1 violations just days later.

If it interests you I have Meani, Glliani, and Puglisi’s interrogations. It is lengthy and all in Italian though.

I have given you a basic rundown of Milan’s main characters, structure, and specifics on their relationship with Collina but I haven’t really scratched the surface yet as to Milan’s activities. A few interesting points (with links to archived articles and legal documents) that I could provide for you are:
- Berlusconi’s illegal acquisition of Milan
- Illlegal contracts of Gullit, Van Basten, Montanelli & Lentini
- The fixed 1988 Scudetto and Milan’s connection with the Neapolitan Mafia (Camorra)
- Illegal dual ownership of Torino and Milan during the same season
- Evidence of fixed matches in 1999 that could not be investigated according to the Church
- Almost 20 years of accounting fraud (some currently under investigation)
- Steroids (Gattuso, Seedorf, Borriello etc.)
- Dida’s fake passport
- Various other topics


This is in response to the many assumptions regarding Moggi's control of the player agency.

Geronzi owned 20% who is a Mediaset Journalist (Berlusconi owned) and former Roma treasurer and the sister of Benedetta Geronzi who was Carraro’s Marketing Administrator (note Carraro is an Ex-Milan President and was he President of the FIGC and is one of Lazio and Roma’s biggest shareholders through Capitalia). Cragnotti also owned 20% as did Tanzi 20%. The rest was financed by Romafides 40% through Capitalia where Carraro is a major shareholder and sits on the board.

The 40% ownership through Capitalia (loan) was put to the title of Alessandro Moggi (Luciano's son), and Francesco Zavaglia. They soon gave 10% ownership to Riccardo Calleri (ex Lazio President Gianmarco’s son). That was however, the beginning (2001).

Then in 2004 there was a power shift. Here’s what it looked like; Geronzi 72.6% while the rest was GEA Shareholders. Who were the shareholders? They were all corporate investors, starting with Parmacotto and Puma (Parma and Lazio investors), Giochi Preziosi (Genoa investors), Publitalia 80 (owned by Berlusconi), Addidas (Milan sponsors), Gazzetta dello Sport (owned by Inter Vice President of Communications Carlo Buare), and Mediobanca (which is owned by IFIL where Moggi’s biggest enemies Montezemolo and Elkan preside).

I read through the details of the investigation and I wouldn’t get your too worried. The conflicts of interest run far deeper from Rome, Parma, and Milano than Juventus. Especially after you read the names of the 262 players that went through the agency (less than 15 Juventini most of which were Juventini prior to GEA’s formation).

The point here isn’t to blame others. It’s merely to show that many teams had a stake in the Agency and the thought that Moggi controlled it given the big names involved in the corporate structure (including the Prime Minister at the time, the President of the FIGC, etc.) is not realistic at all.

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Inviato 04 novembre 2007 - 15:04

Grazie ragazzi, sto lottando con idioti da oltre un anno e informando altri che vogliono sapere la verita' non detta su tanti forum. Scrivo una volta ogni tanto su ( e in base ai commenti lasciati e' piu' che chiaro che la gente fuori dal'Italia non sa cosa c'hanno fatto.

Ho parlato con tanti di Giu Le Mani Dalla Juve ma purtroppo non avendo un opzione in inglese limita' la gente che non capisce l'Italiano. Secondo me anche i contributi salirebbero avendo quest'informazione in inglese.

Da quando ho iniziato alcunni tifosi hanno tradotto i miei lavori in francese, svedese, arabo, koreano, cinese ecc. Ragazzi la Juve e' amata da ogni angolo del mondo e quest'associazione deve provare ad essere piu internazionale. Almeno l'inglese ci deve essere.

Grazie per l'interesse.

"La Griglia"

Referee selections need clarity here as many have no idea how it occurrs. If you think you can say “send me Rosetti” and get him you need to read this.
Serie A matchdays are separated into 5 standard games and 5 complex games. The 5 most complicated games of the day (derbies relegation zone or title battles) are placed in the “Grill” (La Griglia). The remainders are put in the standard section. The five most experienced referees are put in a draw and the five less experienced referees are placed in the standard section. Then there are two draws; one for la Griglia where the 5 best refs are attached to one of the Griglia games and the other 5 are drawn for the remaining 5 games.

The draw takes place with a member of AIA present (Association of Italian Referees), an FIGC Member, a Serie A and B delegate, and a member of the press who makes them public right away. The actual draw is conducted by the referee designers who create the groupings of the Grill and the Standard groups.

Here are the loopholes that need to be addressed:
- A referee can never officiate a game where the team playing resides in his region of residence (i.e. this is why Collina has never officiated a Fiorentina match as he is from Viareggio in Tuscany not too far from Firenze)
- A referee can only officiate a team 3 times in a season

Moggi was renowned for managing to figure out “La Griglia”. Giraudo and Bergamo confirmed that he worked 18 hour days and that Calcio was his baby. Towards the end of the season especially he would manage to predict who was going to officiate who based on the fact that he knew who the top ranked referees were and by looking at the schedule he knew what the complicated games would be. Knowing that certain referees had already officiated certain teams 3 times and that others had residence here and there he knew how to use the process of elimination to figure out what referees would be attached to what games. He confirmed this while suspended when he accurately predicted “La Griglia” on a Radio Show at midweek days before they were even drawn up as noted here

This was used against him in the initial charges as it was assumed that he knew the referees because he was picking them. He explained himself and his process; the AIA delegates as well as the designers and League delegates confirmed it and the charges were dropped.

The investigations concluded that the referee selections were done in accordance with the rules of the FIGC.

Yet people continue to think he was selecting referees.

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Inviato 23 febbraio 2008 - 18:04

An unbelievable revelation has sent Juventus fans in Italy into a frenzy.

It was long understood that the new Juventus management fell painfully short in defending the team during the Calciopoli crisis and the words of both Sepp Blatter (FIFA President) and Giovanna Melandri (Italian Sports Minister) thanking Luca Montezemolo for his "heroics" in discouraging Juventus’ civil court appeals were already sitting uncomfortably with fans but the recent revelations by Cobolli Gigli (courtesy of Gigi Moncalvo the Italian Journalist) has added fuel to an increasingly scorching fire between Juventus loyalists and the new management.

In an interview that Cobolli Gigli made with il Corriere dello Sport (see videos below) a confession of the president’s willingness to allow Juventus’ unjust treatment has become yet another cause for concern.

In the video phrases like “we understood that certain important sporting authorities had pre-written sentences long before the trial commenced” and “reading the judicial documents we found ourselves convicted of seemingly petty infractions and no major offences and thus a sentence of Serie B that was far superior that what the squad deserved” are stated without hesitation.

Many have been asking for almost two years now why then were the managers so reluctant to defend the old lady? The answer reveals yet another name in the long list of Juventus adversaries who saw fit that the team be demoted and stripped of their achievements.

Cobolli goes on to reveal that “in long conversations with Alessandro Vocalelli, he helped convince me that in certain moments it is better to accept a situation even in bitterness in the name of progress”.

Who is Alessandro Vocalelli? He is the director of Corriere dello Sport which is owned by the RCS Media group where Carlo Buora sits s Vice President (Telecom VP and former Pierelli and Inter VP). It should also be noted that Bruno Bartolozzi (Inter Team Manager) works as head editor of the Corriere dello Sport.

Cobolli goes on to say “it wasn’t easy accepting B but Vocalelli reminded me continuously that sometimes it’s best to swallow what’s in the chalice even if it is bitter and accept a punishment even if it is not deserved”.

Now we know that our managers were convinced by the Corriere dello Sport (among others) to accept the verdict of a trial that could only be classified as a farce.

Cobolli states “the 2 scudetti were won on the pitch and we still feel in our hearts that we have 29, however the situation is what it is”. It’s a good thing Vocalelli didn’t “convince” our “President” to accept Serie D1.

Thank you Corriere.

Needless to say that countless forums and lawyers representing Juventus’ small shareholders like Giuseppe Belvisio have already stated publically that a president’s acceptance of such a damaging punishment that while knowing it was unlawful and easily disputable in Civil Courts is ground for an immediate dismissal.
Those who continue to doubt the evidence of outside and inside involvement in the case while continuing to believe that it was about match fixing will have their hands full trying to justify this revelation.

Cobolli…remove yourself!

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Inviato 25 febbraio 2008 - 19:16

Various Ultra Groups in collaboration with DOCs and web forums like Vecchia Signora and J1897 have written official demands that are to be met or a mass boycott will be launched.

We need to make these pricks understand what our numbers are and what a boycott would mean.

I translated both letters and copied all the addresses as well. Copy paste and send!


With the present communication, we wish to express our discontent regarding the scandalous officiating of Dondarini that follows many other proceeding incidents equally controversial this season. As Juventus and football fans, as well as paying customers of the sport itself, WE DEMAND respect. Officiating like that witnessed Saturday evening, only prompts anger and violence, and encourages further ill intended officiating by brushing aside clear penalties not awarded as human error while preserving the status quo.

We are demanding immediate action regarding the officiating of our squad to the full possible extent, should such incidents persist, we are ready to launch a mass boycott through agreements established throughout the organized Juventus fan base of all newspapers, magazines, TV/Satellite transmissions etc that sustain the world of football.


To the attention of the FIGC and Lega Calcio,

We Juventini, after witnessing the indisputable manner in which this championship is being falsified with officiating decisions that border on absurd, which continue to damage the progress of Juventus while favoring certain clubs, WE DEMAND that the FIGC put an immediate halt on the league in order to conduct an internal investigation of all directors, assistants and referees.

We the fans of Juventus are exhausted by the incomprehensible manner in which this championship has been falsified with the purpose of damaging one society in particular (something NO other season has ever witnessed). In order to see to it that our club receives the proper treatment we are ready, united and compact like never before, to take our fight with YOU the FIGC to the competent external legal parties that can ensure proper action.

Where your farce of a trial came short in ensuring a clean game, we the fans of Juventus are anxious once and for all to shed light on this situation with the Civil Magistrates, and other organisms of Justice that previously went ignored by some, in order to clarify the conflicts of interest that govern the game between certain personalities that fund our sport and their connection to our league and specifically certain societies.

We Juventini will not be satisfied with your senseless and incoherent explanations and excuses that further add confusion, nor will we tolerate your fake provisions for a better game that seldom see the light of day like the promises again made after the scandalous actions of Reggina-Juventus.

We are adamant that there is ill intent directed at our club and we intend to move forward in the direction of a concrete resolution in the institutions that can provide a real change.

We would like to add that the rights that our Constitution guarantees, with particular reference to the right to Civil Justice which were clearly violated during Calciopoli, will not be our only course of action due to our readiness to organize a mass and total boycott which will be extended to every single aspect of the football world in our nation which includes but is not limited to TV and newspapers that sponsor the game.

We are 10 million strong in Italy alone who have been loyal customers of your pseudo-sports world and know the extent of what a mass boycott could mean to you financially.

In closing we wish to express that if our demand is not met with proper attention, we will launch all that has been promised. We will not change our position by so much as a millimeter!


Tifosi Bianconeri ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;; ; ;

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Inviato 06 marzo 2008 - 05:58

Disturbing revelation…

Last week La Stampa published an online article which went into detail regarding the interrogations of former Telecom Managers and specifically that of Giuliano Tavarolli which came from the Milanese Prosecutors.

The article was online for a few hours and then mysteriously disappeared. Why? I have an idea why.

The article was saved by a few hardcore Juventus fans and I obtained a copy. After reading through it I read much of what we already knew (i.e. Telecom was spying illegally and manipulating wires).

The new aspect from Tavarolli’s confession is a shock however. We all thought that Moratti and Tronchetti were authorizing the activities (as per Moratti’s admission in interviews). Tavarolli painted a much more detailed picture.

Prior to the wires being sent to police in order to be authorized for court (two police officers with criminal records regarding evidence tampering by the way Arcangioli/Auricchio), Moratti and Tronchetti would themselves be intimately involved in the manipulation. They would decide what to eliminate, and what to present to the courts for instance.

You can see why the article went missing. None the less copies can be found in various forums.

Here it is in Italian:

«Ipotesi di violazione dell’articolo 1 del codice di giustizia
sportiva», con questa intestazione questa mattina un fascicolo sarà
aperto dall’Ufficio indagini della Federcalcio sulla vicenda Inter-De
Santis-Vieri. I fatti. Nel 2002 l’arbitro Nucini ha un colloquio con
Facchetti e gli racconta di alcuni strani rapporti tra Moggi,
l’arbitro De Santis e i dirigenti sportivi Fabiani e Pavarese.
Facchetti chiede a Nucini di riferire i fatti alla Procura di Milano
(visto che lo stesso aveva perplessità a rivolgersi alla giustizia
sportiva), ma non fu fatto nulla. Allora l’Inter si rivolse alla Polis
d’Istinto, l’agenzia investigativa di Emanuele Cipriani (legato al
responsabile del Cnag della Telecom, Giuliano Tavaroli) per far
pedinare De Santis. Da quel momento fu aperto un dossier dal
significativo nome in codice: operazione ladroni. Sarebbero, però,
anche stati intercettati i telefoni di De Santis e della moglie. Gli
stessi furono anche seguiti, fotografati, furono fatte indagini
patrimoniali e sui conti correnti. Alla fine il dossier si chiude
dicendo che «non furono trovate anomalie nel tenore di vita del
soggetto». Contemporaneamente furono intercettate le telefonate di
Bobo Vieri e l’attaccante fu anche pedinato, ma soltanto nell’ambito
di un «controllo» della società sul calciatore. A seguito del decreto
legge del Governo sulle intercettazioni illegali, è tornata
d’attualità la vicenda. Perché fu commissionata una inchiesta da parte
di un’agenzia investigativa e non fu fatto né un esposto alla
magistratura, né una denuncia all’Ufficio indagini? Il voluminoso
materiale raccolto sull’arbitro, oltre che valutare il suo tenore di
vita, a cosa mirava? E le foto? L’argomento interessa, intanto, anche
la Procura di Napoli che nel 2004 proprio a Tavaroli si rivolse per
comunicare le intercettazioni delle utenze di Moggi, Bergamo,
Pairetto. Sì proprio a Tavaroli che era a capo del Cnag, il centro
nazionale autorizzazioni giudiziarie della Telecom, che quindi venne a
conoscenza dell’indagine che i magistrati Beatrice e Narducci stavano
conducendo proprio sulle stesse persone. Una coincidenza, chiaramente,
ma che alla luce degli ultimi sviluppi diventa inquietante: Tavaroli
ha detto ai pm che lui riferiva tutto a Carlo Buora, amministratore
delegato Telecom e vice presidente dell’Inter. Tutti sanno che in
realtà Buora non muoveva un passo senza il nulla-osta di Tronchetti
Provera. E’ fin troppo facile chiudere il cerchio. L’Inter è nei guai.
Guai seri. Tutti hanno capito che le intercettazioni sono state
filtrate e fornite al bacio alla Procura di Napoli dalla lobby Telecom
di Tronchetti & C. attraverso Tavaroli. Eccoci allo scoop dell’ultima
ora: inizialmente, tutti avevano ravvisato, senza dar troppo peso alla
cosa in quel momento, che le intercettazioni erano state manipolate e
interpretate prima di giungere nelle mani dei magistrati partenopei.
Ufficialmente si pensava che fossero stati i Carabinieri di Roma ad
aver interpolato con spiegazioni non dovute le sbobinature (azione che
peraltro non è loro consentita). In realtà il lavoro di indirizzo era
avvenuto ben prima e più in alto. Si parla proprio in quest’ottica del
coinvolgimento diretto di Moratti e Tronchetti Provera. A questo
riguardo Tavaroli adesso sta tentando di fare da parafulmine per
salvare le posizioni dei due e soprattutto per tutelare il proprio
tesoretto nascosto e, probabilmente, da loro garantito. Alla Procura
di Milano, però, hanno già capito dove e cosa cercare e non è esclusa
in futuro una collaborazione di Tavaroli per alleggerire la propria
difficilissima posizione giudiziaria. Insomma tutte le intercettazioni
al centro di Calciopoli sono state confezionate su misura per
abbattere dei bersagli precisi: persone e società considerate nemiche.
La giostra gira ancora…

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Inviato 10 marzo 2008 - 03:14

Guido Rossi has just been named FIAT's consultant...more confirmation of the Inside Job.

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Inviato 20 marzo 2008 - 11:37

Yesterday we received the results of the TAR Regional Court regarding Moggi’s appeal.

The court rejected the appeal and maintained Moggi’s 5 year ban from Italian football. I have and can provide the rejection publication.

Obviously now all the retards who have something to say against us will be adding a new argument to their dwindling arsenal of urban legends and that disgusts me but there are a few things to clear up.

Luciano Moggi was not found guilty and no new evidence was presented that could discredit what he and his defenders have been saying for the last two years. His appeal was rejected and the brief explanations are just as absurd as the rest of the farce.

Here's what the court stated;

The season was legitimate, the games were not fixed, no bribery or threatening occurred BUT Luciano Moggi used his influence to condition referees psychologically and condition the designers psychologically in order to obtaining favorable referees.


This is the same court (TAR) that absolved all the referees, and all the referee designers so far. It is the same court that has admitted that no game was altered and that no referee selection process was ever tampered with.

So what exactly did Moggi do and with who?

This psychological conditioning bullshit is just a way to isolate Moggi and save all the others. With this new excuse we no longer need proof of a payment, or a call with an actual threat etc. etc. All we need is fancy wording and a winning season.

There were no calls between Moggi and referees (except when Paparesta called him got trashed and hung up on in about 9 seconds). All the referees admitted they never spoke with him. Moggi was in no decision making position like say Galliani or Carraro (then) or Moratti (now) so where the hell was the psychological conditioning? What could he use to condition referees?

We got our answer...this is depressing.

The rejection states that Moggi managed to psychologically convince the referees (without speaking to them) to favor Juventus apparently without them acknowledging that they were doing it since the same court absolved them of any wrong doing and confirmed that they did not communicate with Moggi. In other words, Luciano Moggi must be a Buddhist monk who practices telepathy and is simultaneously and expert in hypnosis as he managed to fix referees without saying a word and without the referees noticing that they were under his influence.

How can something so absurd occur in a civil court?

Here you go:

Pasquale de Lise

Pasquale de Lise is the president of the TAR Regional Court and simultaneously the President of FIGC's Commission of Sports Justice.

When Luciano appealed he appealed as Luciano Moggi vs. FIGC and more specifically the FIGC's Sports Justice departments (CAF and CF). Essentially the very entity that employs the president of the Court he was appealing to (de Lise).

Conflict of interest? Are we surprised?

Don’t be fooled however because it's not his last appeal. He can go to the State Council and then to the European Court. In actual fact the TAR Court is merely a stepping stone on the way to the Supreme Federal Courts.

Our Association (Giu Le Mani Dalla Juve) released a statement today claiming that we will begin our appeal on Juventus’ behalf (which can result in our scudetti being rightfully returned) on May 15th 2008 in the same TAR Regional Court. Though we are fairly certain that the appeal will be unsuccessful, it will serve as a platform to go to the State Council and more importantly the European Court where our lawyer (Luc Mission of the Bosman case) is already preparing the preliminaries. Furthermore the Association is prepared to take the appeal to the Human Rights Court also under the European Umbrella.

We are Juventini...we don’t stop for shit!

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Inviato 01 maggio 2008 - 04:49

Hey people,

Just thought I would put everyone’s minds at ease.

The new charges are useless and won’t amount to shit. They’ve been invented in my opinion for two reasons. We are in Europe again and looking to recruit new talent and the papers want to scare off possible signings AND the following Telecom arrests that confirmed that the original wiretaps were illegal and manipulated all but proved that Calciopoli was bullshit.


Notice how many Telecom Managers got arrested already?

I’ll explain the new charge and what it’s based on.
They are charging for Article 1 violations for 2004-2005. One problem…the clowns already convicted Juventus of a general Article 1 violation in the original sham for 2004-2005 so based on double jeopardy,

Juventus and Moggi cannot be charged twice for the same infraction.

We are fine.

Besides, the accusation is retarded. They are saying that Moggi gave referees foreign SIM cards. In truth the prosecutors do not even know if the numbers Moggi was calling were of referees at all.

See they have no recordings at all. They have phone tables (I posted videos showing how easy those are to falsify) that state that Moggi called a number. If that number attached to a network in the Bari area while say Paparesta was in the Bari area, it is assumed he called Paparesta…that’s it. That’s their accusation.

It’s almost funny.

Sleep easy. We are going to Europe.

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Inviato 01 maggio 2008 - 18:12

Article from the LA Times:

Juventus might be the most successful and the most popular club in Italy, but there are more than a few reasons not to celebrate the fact that the "Old Lady of Turin," as the club is nicknamed, on Sunday clinched a place in next season's European Champions League qualifying tournament.

One reason is the wrist-slap Juventus received in the wake of the match-fixing and corruption scandal that tore Italy's Serie A apart in 2006. Being demoted to Serie B in 2007 was hardly a punishment befitting the crime. The penalty should have been much more severe.

Why? Because Juventus immediately gained promotion back to Serie A, and, with a 5-2 victory over Lazio on Sunday, it clinched at least third place in the league behind Inter Milan and AS Roma to put it on course for the exceptionally lucrative Champions League.

Coach Claudio Ranieri talked about how that was a just reward for all that the club had been through, and for the work such veteran players as Alessandro Del Piero, David Trezeguet and Pavel Nedved have put in.

Patting the players on the back is all well and good, but the stain still remains from the days when disgraced former general manager Luciano Moggi and his cohorts were fixing matches.
By Grahame L. Jones


Response to the article:

To whom it may concern,

An LA Times article recently landed on my desk and I feel the obligation to respond to author Grahame L. Jones for his ill informed attempt to cover a scandal that is obviously well beyond his scope.

In an article entitled “Juventus success does not erase ugly past” Grahame attempts to undermine Juventus’ triumphant return to the European elite with what appears to be references to tabloids, hearsay, and urban legends.

It is hardly uncommon for English based newspapers to use questionable sources in lieu of credible ones when a language barrier exists however I must say, I expected a little more professionalism from the LA Times.

Perhaps instead of utilizing translations from the Inter owned RCS Media Conglomerate’s tabloids like the Gazzetta and the Corriere Mr. Jones would have been wise to reference the actual sentence published by the FIGC after the trial that clearly stated on page 74 that no game was actually fixed. Maybe learning that since the scandal all of Moggi’s “cohorts” have been absolved of any wrongdoing would shock him…but it has occurred. Does Mr. Jones believe that Mr. Moggi was fixing matches by all by himself through telepathic hypnosis?

Before claiming that Juventus’ punishment “hardly fit the crime” he should have learned what that crime was. Again referencing actual trial documents (found on the FIGC’s website in the archive section) it would likely stun him to know that the team’s managers were convicted of unsportsmanlike conduct and not match fixing, an infraction that calls for a 3-5 point penalty and not relegation. That the punishment didn’t fit the crime is correct but his presentation of it was propagandist at best.

In the future it would be beneficial to have your writer’s do proper background research on topics prior to printing an article that will have your readers rolling their eyes. He could start here with the actual sentence publication from the very judges that presided over the tribunal:’s the third link down.

Of course Grahame’s opinion of Italy’s most successful team is far from anyone’s priority list. Our objective is not to convince an uninformed American writer but rather to convince the judges who have already accepted our appeal in the European Courts. We the fans and shareholders have taken this injustice to the proper setting and are adamant that all that belongs to our team will be returned in due time. I wonder if Mr. Jones will be so eager to write an article when all is said and done.

Furthermore I wish to inform Mr. Jones that defamation of character is still a punishable offence across international waters and he wouldn’t be the only one explaining himself if we were to feel inclined. Bigger people than Grahame are currently shaking in their boots knowing that European Judges are looming. If I can offer a suggestion to Mr. Jones it would be to avoid getting our attention.

Socio di Giu Le Mani Dalla Juve

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Inviato 03 maggio 2008 - 18:44

LA Times responds:


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Inviato 20 maggio 2008 - 02:46


Since the initial accusations much has surfaced from the still ongoing GEA hearings. I have gathered as much as I can from various newspapers regarding the testimonies and I will present that here.

Before doing so however I will utilize simple mathematics to discredit the first accusation against GEA. The accusation that GEA commanded a monopolistic market share of players and coaches throughout Serie A.

At its peak GEA had the contracts of 262 players and 11 coaches. The players and coaches were spread out across Serie A, B and Europe. This sounds like a lot. It raised many questions in the public but did anyone think that a Monopoly should consist of much more?
Omitting the 10-15 players that were registered outside Italian football the number goes down to approximately 250. Serie A is comprised of 20 teams and Serie B 22 teams. Each team has an average roster of 22 players. A total of 42 teams X 22 players gives us 924 players in Italy’s top two divisions. If GEA represented only 250 of them…where is the Monopoly? That amounts to about 27% of Italy’s players. What of the other 73%. How could a company with a minority market share be accused of operating a monopoly? Even the coach representation amounted to about 24% in Italy. What of the rest? So much for accusation number 1.

So how does Juventus tie in with the GEA Trial? The second accusation is that Luciano Moggi used his position as Alessandro Moggi’s father to “threaten” players into handing their contracts over to GEA agents or else. The idea is that Moggi so controlled the market and teams that he could single handedly place players where he wanted. Evidence? Nah. You don’t need that when you accuse Luciano Moggi, all that’s really needed is he accusation as we’ve seen in the past but there are witnesses this time around. Let’s explore who they are and what they have stated in court shall we:

Antonio Caliendo:
Antonio is a successful player promoter who earns a living by obtaining endorsement deals for famous footballers. He had a long list of accusations regarding GEA’s interference with his operations which seemed to rarely tie into his initial police report. Names, dates, and activities were consistently inconsistent which led to him being reprimanded in court for false testimony. It should also be note that Caliendo was arrested in 1991 and plead guilty to corruption charges receiving a 10 month sentence. He was again arrested after the downfall of Hellas Verona for…you guessed it…corruption charges.

Stefano Antonelli:
Stefano was Blasi’s former agent who accused GEA of forcing Blasi to abandon him and accept GEA representation. His evidence was a wiretap he had recorded himself after calling Blasi’s father. We’ll come back to him in a moment.

Zdenek Zeman:
Zdenek…good old Zdenek. Once again testifying against Luciano Moggi. Zeman made a lot of very general accusations. When he was asked for proof he came up with nothing. When asked what specific rules GEA violated he responded by saying “I do not possess specific details” meaning he went to court with…what? Hearsay?

Marco Trabucchi:
Originally of Russian descent accused GEA of forcefully requesting the contract of Salernitana keeper Ruslan Nigmatullin. The forceful nature of the demand consisted of “all inclusive stay at a luxury hotel including pre-paid Mercedes rental”. That’s some vicious shit huh? Of course it was later revealed that Marco Trabucchi is in fact wanted by the FBI for association with one of Moscow’s most dangerous crime syndicates (Izmailovskaya).

Franco Baldini:
Franco is a long time enemy of the triade who accused GEA of not allowing players the chance to play in his Roma squad (where he was a director). Unfortunately for him the players (Chiellini, Baiocco) admitted that they personally desired Juventus over Roma and therefore refused the Roma transfers. This is the same Baldini who began the accusing during Farsopoli regarding the yellow card system (which the trial itself discredited). This is the same Baldini who is a long time friend of Attlio Auricchio (police officer in charge of verifying the Farsopoli wiretaps in 2006) who is under indictment with Baldini for issuing threats regarding the accounting fraud trial that saw Roma put under the microscope along with other clubs. Furthermore Attilio has already been charged with an early 90s evidence tampering charge. Baldini was also connected with the Recoba passport scandal and is currently facing potential charges for perjuring himself in the GEA trial.
Not the most credible of sources so far. Maybe the players themselves will shed more light on the situation.

A brief list of has been, washed up, and in some cases broke footballers were brought in one at a time by prosecutors to confirm Moggi’s omnipotence within the player market. Here is the high level summary of the accusations:

Marco Rigoni:
Marco claimed he was sold by Juventus to an inferior squad because he wouldn’t sign with GEA. The trial revealed that he had suffered career altering injuries after a car accident which rendered him near useless.

Nicola Amoruso:
Amoruso blamed Moggi and GEA for punishing him after he too refused to sign with GEA. He was sold to lesser clubs and s a result according to Amoruso, his career was ruined. Those of us who remember Amoruso remember a player all too often left on the bench because the squad possessed far superior talent in attack (Del Piero, Trezeguet, Inzaghi). He was sold because he couldn’t find space on the squad according to Luciano Moggi…we saw that with our own eyes.

Salvatore Fresi:
The few who recall this unfamiliar face will likely recall his antics in Coppa Italia matches since he rarely was fielded ahead of the likes of Montero, Thuram, Ferrara etc. in Juventus’ defense. The player lacked the skill to make a starting 11 spot for himself but blamed Moggi for ruining his career by selling him to Perugia against his will for not having signed with GEA. He claimed that Moggi stated “do what we say or you will never play again” and “if you stay you will train alone in the mountains”. The defense managed to extract a crucial detail in court however that rendered his testimony to laughable. It was revealed that when the transfer was finalized, Fresi threw a party at his home complete with champagne to commemorate his massive financial gain. Fresi was then asked to step down. Later Marcello Lippi confirmed that he no longer wanted Fresi because he was useless and caused too many problems in the locker room. No players wanted to have him around.

Fabrizio Miccoli:
This is my favorite. His own non Gea agent (Franceso Calandro) claimed that there was no mobbing involved in Miccoli’s transfer activities on an Italian radio station. What he stated was that Micolli wanted to be transferred for three reasons:
1) he wasn’t allowed to celebrate the 2002-2003 scudetto with the team (he plaid for Perugia and only arrived in the summer) which he took offense to.
2) he was pressured to accept a transfer to Portsmouth (though he never actually went)
3) he wasn’t allowed to wear earrings on the field

This story changed when the trial surfaced and suddenly Moggi an GEA ruined Micolli’s career by loaning him around. Simply put, Del Piero and Trezeguet were the dominant strikers in his stay at Juve and as a result he saw very little playing time in the 2003-2004 season. With the arrival of Mutu and Ibrahimovic in the summer of 2004 Miccoli (along with Di Vaio) were seen as an excess in the payroll department.

Micolli requested to be moved and was therefore sent to Fiorentina where he did not impress. Fiorentina made no offer to retain him and Micolli was then sent to Benfica where he enjoyed regular playing time and the two best seasons of his career…poor guy. When Benfica made no offer to retain him he stated that he had no intention of returning to Juventus and was therefore sold to Palermo…Moggi and GEA were long gone.

Similar accusations but is there any evidence that demonstrates anything more than the simple buying and selling of players?

A short list of players that confirmed they never felt pressured to sign with GEA in court:
Fabio Gatti
Davide Baiocco
Riccardo Allegretti
Giorgio Chiellini
David Trezeguet
Christian Molinaro
Fabio Capello
Emanuele Blasi
Marcello Lippi

Marcello Lippi confirmed that he never felt pressured to bring certain players to the World Cup. He received suggestions from many including Moggi who actually suggested Miccoli but Lippi opted not to bring him.

Emanuele Blasi’s testimony sent shock waves throughout the courtroom. He was initially brought in by the prosecutors after a wiretap revealed a conversation between him and his old agent (Antonelli) where Blasi states that he is being forced to leave him and accept GEA agent representation. In court Blasi admitted that he lied to his old agent to spare his feelings. He was no longer satisfied with him and wanted Davide Lippi to represent him. To this day, Davide is his agent and GEA has been closed down since 2006.

Far cry from what the press says isn’t it? For two years every anti-Juventino arguing in favor of Calciopoli that has had their arguments dismantled has referred to the GEA influence as a last resort without knowing what is happening at all. Finally Capello and Giraudo were charged with false testimony after defending Moggi and Gea. Though their testimony never contradicted their reports the two may face eventual charges. It appears as though the prosecution has recently adapted a new procedure; anyone who testifies in defense of the accused will be charged. Of course nothing will come of the charges since there are no contradictions to speak of but by being under indictment, their testimonies will be discredited. Someone should explain why no others on the prosecutors side have been charged considering the numerous contradictions found thus far.

http://www.corriered...iraudo indagati

All other articles can be found in this Calciomercato search engine that gathers articles from various Italian papers:

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Inviato 12 luglio 2008 - 14:08

QUOTE(flip @ 10 June 2008, 2:43) Visualizza Messaggio

Intanto scusa per il ritardo con cui ti faccio i complimenti per questa VITALE iniziativa. Anzi, ci vorrebbe anche qualche volontario di madrelingua spagnola, visto che è la lungua più diffusa al mondo dopo il mandarino.

Poi, sebbene co ritardo volevo chiederti una cosa riguardo allo scandaloso articolo del LATimes:
ho letto, almeno credo, la tua replica sul link qui sopra, ma è molto sintetizzata rispetto a quella che hai postato prima. Hai più avuto notizie di quel giornalista? S'è degnato di risponderti?

No in pratica si e' scusato pubblicamente a tutti i tifosi che avevano scritto (eravamo tanti) e poi non ci ha cercato piu. Grazie cmq per i complimenti.

It appears as though we were all right all along. The GEA Trial officially amounted to fuck all.


In 3 years of "investigating" and "hearings" and "witnesses" the prosecutors officially ran out of time to prove anything even remotely illegal. Surprise Surprise.

Congratulations to the Moggis and the Lippis.

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Inviato 07 agosto 2008 - 03:48

Yet another ban for yet another trial concluded with no proof, answers, explanations or in this case recorded calls. The entire trial was based on the assumption that a number pertaining to Moggi dialing a number in say the Bari area had to have been calling...Paparesta because that is where he lived. Countless testimonies proved the assumptions wrong (i.e. hotel receipts that showed Paparesta out of Italy let alone Bari) but it made no difference again. In Italy all you have to be to get a ban is a Moggi, guilt is meaningless. Oh least anti-Juventini have one more thing to chant about now. One thing is certain, two and a half years have passed and some 5 trials concluded and still not a single fixed match has surfaced. I feel for Anti-Juventini...they have proven that they will pretty much believe anything so long as it is suits their initial bias.


On a more important note, I got a letter from the head of Giu Le Mani. Luc Mission is preparing all necessary steps in order to take the case to Europe and now even higher than the Commerce Court. They are preparing an appeal to the EU Civil Rights Court. It may take time but there is no way these verdicts will hold in such a prestigious court.

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Inviato 30 dicembre 2008 - 00:07

Penso che sia molto importante avere informazioni anche in inglese. Avete mai pensato di inserire la voce "Controversy" su Wikipedia? http://en.wikipedia....Serie_A_scandal

Magari mettere una sezione del sito in inglese, con degli articoli che spieghino le cose.

Che ne dite?


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